? : What is the durability of this special pillow?

A: The pillow is made from a 100% natural material, it can last more than 10 years. If you feel it is too dirty then you can wash and air dry it. However, do not dry in direct sunlight.


? : How does Natural Latex Pillow worth?

A: The Natural Latex Pillow made from pure natural latex. It's a healthy product and good for health.


? : How is it good for your health?

A : The pillow is made from a special tree extracts, it is soft and acts like a sponge. It takes away the heat from your head and neck area and pass it on, so it does not hold on to that heat. It also help absorb the sweat from your head and neck area and distribute it evenly, so your head will not be wet whil you are sleeping. As a result, it gives you a nice and pleasant sleep, you can sleep longer and feel fresh in the morning.


? : Why do I often get a sore neck when I wake up?

A : Its is most likely because of the pillow that you are using. The pillow that you have may not be supporting your neck properly when you sleep, causing your neck to tense up without you noticing it. As a result, you may feel a soreness or stiffness when you wake.


? : How do i prevent this? What is the solution?

A : Don't use the pillow that is too high, too flat or one that's too hard. It should be soft, and at the right height to support your neck properly. This should help minimize the risk of your neck tensing up at night and the cance of you doing a 'slept-wrong'.


? : Is it true that children and workung people don't really need this special pillow?

A : It really depends on your situation. You need to assess that when you go to bed, are you getting a good sleep and are you getting enough sleep. Also if you have a set hours from which you can sleep due to your study or your work, then you should use this pillow as it can give you that continuing sleep until the time you are due to wake up.


? : Why do elderly often wake up in the middle of the night?

A : The older you are the weaker your body becomes. Therefore elderly people should make sure that they get enough sleep everyday. However, waking up in the middle of the could mean that your body is not at its full health. There are also other reasons why people wake up in the middle of the night:

1. Can't get a good sleep due to unpleasant dreams.
2. Too much sweat coming out from the head and neck area and generates too much heat.
3. Feeling a soreness and stiffness around the neck area due to unsuitable pillows.
4. Suffering from illness or sickness.
5. Changes in the weather eg. rain, hot summer night.


? : Can This special pillow really help?

A : Because the pillow is soft and like a sponge, it takes the heat away from you and pass it on, so it doesn't hold on to that heat making the pillow nice and cool. It also absorb the sweat and distribute it evenly make the pillow nice and dry. Therefore, it gives you that soft, cool and dry feeling when you sleep, which results in you getting a good long sleep without the need of any sleep medication.

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